Diamond Testing At Home

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Gemology is the study of gemstones, gemologists are known who study about the gems and differentiate between a fake and a genuine gem. There are well equipped labs for gemstone or, some jewellers also know how to determine about the gemstone or diamond is real or fake. Generally all these determination test are done in laboratories but some methods are there that can be performed for diamond testing at home There are many jewellers who performs diamond testing on their shops without any chemical or lab equipment. This way one can save money as the lab testing is a pricey step and it require money and many assets to perform the tests

One of the method to know whether the gemstone or diamond is real is to examine it with the help of a magnifying lens. Look and know about the internal structure of the diamond, diamond is a carbon compound. Always remember that a pure diamond will have imperfections in its structure whereas a impure or artificial diamond will be clean and perfect. So this is the most simple way for
diamond testing and of knowing whether the diamond is real or fake. Secondly, look at the edges of the diamond piece, a real diamond will have the sharp edges whereas an artificial diamond will have curved edges. A very common things regarding the diamond is that it is a very precious stone and no body would fix it in any cheap metal frame, generally the diamonds are fixed in gold or platinum metals, so if you found any metal scratches on the stone and that is of any cheap metal than it might be a alarm to you, as it may be a artificial one. Diamond is the world's hardest matter known and it do not found to be scratched ever. So if your diamond is pure than it will not get any scratch while rubbing it on any rough surface and if it is get scratched than definitely your diamond is not real.