Astrological outcomes of Diamond

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According to Vedic Astrology, Diamond represents the planet Venus. Diamond is a completely effective Gemstone. A small length of Diamond has additionally large fee inside the markets. It’s is basically favored Gemstone of ladies magnificence and why not, as according to Vedic Astrology it's far the symbol of beauty and female. Therefore the Diamond is directly related to ladies. Venus is the planet of beauty, splendor, and luxury, it ought to be useful within the horoscope to get a glad married lifestyle and because the diamond represents the planet Venus, we are able to have the extra consequences of Venus with the aid of wearing a diamond. by using wearing Diamond you could provide the power to your Venus and get all beneficial consequences from. if you need to stay a glad married life and an expensive existence you have to wear a Diamond, but it's miles have to visit an expert Astrologer to verify. those who do business related to the ladies, consisting of  the jeweler, garments, furnishings, and many others must put on the Diamond as those agencies are associated with Venus.

Venus is the planet, which specially signifies the goals of a person.

SHUKRA symbolizes the comforts and luxuries of the existence. A benefic Venus within the horoscope can also bless the native with all the luxuries, comforts, glamor, romance, wealth, beauty, happiness, pleasure, delights, high elegance motors, artwork, sex, attractions, jewelry, entertainments, delight, enjoyments, ardor, and merriments.

Venus is the beneficent planet which regulations sex and sensuality, love and marriage, cloth comfort and luxury. Singers and dancers, artists and craftsmen, actors and different professions concerned in pleasing humans are strongly prompted through Venus sensual energy. a person with sturdy Venus in his or her horoscope has a tendency to have a satisfied marriage, experience fabric comforts, is constructive, makes distinct satisfied and movements with bodily grace and coordination.

Diplomats and peacemakers are regularly governed by Venus. Venus is related to flowers, jewels, and different lovely items, as well as sweet meals, flavors, tropical climates, sexual interest, fine clothes and other sensual pride.

How to wear Diamond?

In case you want to put on a Diamond Gemstone, you can wear a 0.5 to one karat Diamond. Diamond must have white color and much less black spots in the face. Make in gold or silver ring and wear it on the morning of any Friday in the course of Shukla Paksha, wear it inside the ultimate or middle finger. For Purification and activate the Diamond gemstone , dip the ring in milk, honey, and pure water, for 20 to half-hour, Burn five incense sticks to a name of Shukra Deva and pray that you are going to wear the consultant gemstone Diamond to have blessings from Shukra Deva. In which finger Diamond – Heera should be worn according to astrology

Who Should Wear?

If a person is badly affected with Venus inflicting disturbed marriage and personal existence, they can try carrying diamond. it may cause upgrades of their sick recognition in addition to the budget. In fact, horrific impacts of Venus can inflict someone’s health causing them to be afflicted by problems in their ovaries, generative systems, breasts, throat, kidney, cheeks, and chins. Different health issues which can enhance by using sporting diamond are diabetes, problems in personal elements, urine problem, problems in skin, etc.

Writers, public audio system, poets, priest, politicians, reporters, people in sports activities and in advertising or media also can gain. Individuals who want to interact with people for his or her commercial enterprise put on a diamond to persuade their character. There are also humans in experts as drug treatments and IT who wear diamond to improve their profession.