Rules To Wear Rudraksha

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Rudraksha is a holy seed name, nowadays many people wore it as it is said about this seed that it keeps the negative energies away from the body and also suits to those who lives in various places like travelers.Rudrakhsha power is more than any gem or yantra. People wear rudraksha without any rule and regulation just for show and it is used as a jewelry nowadays. But this is not correct, there as an specific way to wear rudraksha. Anybody can not wear it, it requires a certain pooja and many other rules are to be followed after wearing it. If you are looking to wear a rudraksha then you must know about the facts related to rudraksha.

Rules to wear rudraksha are :

  1. Rudraksha must be worn after proper method of purification and charging with mantra, performing the prayers and ritual rites. Days should be prefered as monday or thursday specially

  1. The rudraksha mantra should be taken at least 9 times in a day. Always wear it in the morning time and take it of at the sleeping time. It must be kept on the worship place at the time when it is taken of.

  1. Wearing rudraksha means to adopt the hindu religion. There is a big no to non-veg food, alcohols etc. So, the wearer should stay away from these things and must take care about these things every time.

  1. Never go some places like crematory or to the funerals while wearing this.Also do not take it around a newly born baby in his early days.

  1. Keep it clean every time. Use soft bristles to clear the dust and dirt from its pores and corners.

  1. Always put a layer of oil on the upper portion of the rudraksha after cleaning it, and always use holy water like Ganga Jal to wash it orfor cleaning it.

  1. Check it out while purchasing that it must not be damaged from any side.It does not mater which rudraksha is you are wearing as it comes in various forms, what matter is that it must not be impaired.

  1. Sometimes rudraksha does not suits to some people. It shows some negative effects and also cause some physical disorders like allergies any many other problems. So those people are requested not to wear rudraksha if it does not suits you.