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Throughout the years, there have been numerous inquiries that appear to be transcendently pervasive among both existing and potential clients alike. We have endeavored to answer a significant number of those inquiries underneath to manage our clients better about buying gemstones. Obviously, if your inquiry is not tended to here, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us through phone or email for further help.

Why wear Gemstones?
Every planet subjects us to certain cosmic beams. While some are useful, others are destructive. The old sages and holy people of the Vedic ages found that there are diverse approaches to counter and check the hurtful impacts of the malefic stars and planets. They trusted that the best medicinal specialists, superior to anything herbs, and surprisingly better than metals, are gemstones of at least 2 carats in weight. These gemstones demonstration like enormous channels and either improve the cosmic beams or square or control the unsafe ones.

By what method can Gemstones help me?
Old Vedic writings and sacred texts demonstrate that pearls impact people both physically and rationally. They yield both positive and negative consequences for human lives. It was watched that every planet is connected with a specific gemstone and each gemstone has an inward quality to ingest radiation discharged by a specific planet. In this manner, keeping in mind the end goal to yield the greatest advantages, gemstones of celestially distinguished planets are worn.

Diamonds resemble exceptionally intense prescriptions that have the inward quality and ability of decreasing malefic effects of planets on one's life, while likewise making a positive domain for satisfaction and general advancement. They can enhance or better the issue ranges throughout one's life, for example, fortune, wellbeing, profession, funds, emotions for family, fate of kids, and so on.

How are Gemstones recommended?
Gemstones are typically picked and endorsed by birth charts, which is an exceptional mark of planetary setup at the time of your birth. Wearing right gemstone of right weight on a pre-distinguished day, of right metal, in the right finger and at a propitious time is most crucial part of Gem treatment. Diamonds yield both forces to give and take. So wearing a wrong gemstones or a right gemstone in a wrong finger or of wrong weight can be destructive for those wearing the specific gemstone in reckoning of good fortunes.

Where will I get real Gemstones?
Jyotish or Astrological quality diamonds are regularly accessible with select Jewelers. Be that as it may, once in a while are such pearls confirmed for their quality and normal source? What's more, where such gemstone certificates are accessible, the general expense is high. At GJSPC we give you Gems that are guaranteed by the Gemological Society of India and this comes to you at ostensible expense. We offer just "Jyotish" quality gemstones. Semi Precious stones give a reasonable other option to costly stones.

Q: What are Rudraksha Beads? Where are they accessible?
Rudraksha dabs, naturally known as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb are the seeds of the Rudraksha organic product from Rudraksha trees. Rudraksha trees are discovered predominantly in South Eastern Asian Islands of Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, Iriyan Jaya, Timor of what is known as Indonesia and parts of South Asian Kingdom of Nepal, around 70% of the Rudraksha trees are found in Indonesia, 25% from Nepal and 5% in India. There are clefts on the surface of the dabs and they are called Mukhi.

Q: What is unique about Rudraksha Beads?
Asians have utilized Rudraksha globules customarily. Asian Yogis and Monks found that only wearing the Rudraksha dots gave them incredibly enormous measure of quietness, focus that helped them ponder for a drawn out stretch of time with fantastic control over their psyche.

Q: Can all wear Rudraksha?
Yes, everybody regardless of sex, age*, social, ethnic, topographical and religious foundation can wear it.

Note : "Every one of the Beads are not suggested for those underneath 8 years old.

Q: Can one wear the mix of Different Mukhi's?
Yes, One can wear the mix of the considerable number of dots .The individual power of the dots can be felt at the same time. One can likewise wear a pendant of a particular aspect of dabs. Either more number of a specific feature of dabs or a blend of various aspects of globules can be worn.

Q: How long it produces to feel a few results?
Ordinarily inside 1 month of wearing Rudraksha rosary you can begin feeling the positive change. In 3 months you can feel vastly improved. From that point it will work consistently giving advantages.

Q: How to test the authentication of the dabs?
Tests like the one which sinks in water is unique and the one that buoys is copy are wrong. Indeed, even the ones made of wood with some lead impregnated in it can sink serenely in water. The most ideal path is to obtain from some reliable source; one can go for any Rudraksha testing lab like GJSPC for taking authentication report.