GJSPC Laboratory and Rudraksha Testing Service India

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Rudraksha testing is done in specific laboratories with identical setups and test performing keys. There are several Rudraksha testing laboratories in Delhi/NCR that conducts different test to check Rudraksha is fake or genuine. These labs issue certificates for genuine Rudraksha or Rudraksha identification report after a deep study of that Rudraksha. Some basic tests of Rudraksha identification are: 

Cut Test: A full confirmation strategy is to cut the Rudraksha dab on a level plane. One will locate the same number of compartments as that of the quantity of lines. However the downside is that by this strategy, the dot gets pulverized.
Properties Test: The other is to see if the dots show properties like inductance, capacitance, conduction of electric current and so forth. 

The copper coin test: It is for the most part held that if Rudraksha dots are set between two copper coins it ought to turn somewhat. This is expected to the physical and attractive properties of the Rudraksha dabs. This test requires abnormal state of skill.

The GJSPC Laboratory Rudraksha testing ID report incorporates Unique Report Number, surmised Picture, and estimation, alongside its recognizable proof qualities. Each GJSPC Laboratory Rudraksha Identification Report likewise is a surety of no Treatment, no Modification unless determined on the report. This report can be issued for a solitary piece or for a strand or kantha.

The GJSPC Laboratory Rudraksha Grading Report incorporates an appraisal of the 10 elements Size, Shape, Color, Surface Texture, Face appearance/Mukhi appearance, Modification, Worked, Treatment, Contamination, Floating (just for single free piece) – alongside its recognizable proof attributes. This report can be issued for a solitary piece or for a strand or kantha.