What Is Certified Diamond ?

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The diamond is always considered to be as the most precious and inestimable trinket in everyone's list. People invests by paying their bankrolls in the diamond industry. Diamond is always aforementioned to convey the symbol of infatuation. People think it is quite easy to buy a diamond, as we just need to select the design or the size and the payment is to be done along with that. But I want to tell my dear friends, it is not that easy that much you think.Buying a diamond do not just includes its size/design/cost, but the main thing that should be checked before buying a diamond is to know whether the diamond you are buying is certified or not.

You should always check ab out the certification of the diamond while buying. As it will assure you that you are paying for what you are getting. Always try to buy such expensive thing with a reputed and certified jewellery showroom. All reputed and certified shops sells certified diamonds and the certification can be shown to you before purchase. Even you can ask about it and the salesperson will tell you everything about it.

There are four major laboratories that are checking about the purity and allows certificates to the genuine and original jewellery. Gemological Institute of America, International Gemological Institute, European Gemological Laboratory and American Gem Society are the four very major and high level laboratories that checks about the purity of the diamond. You must also aware of the difference between of diamond appraisal and diamond certification. Diamond appraisal is done by the independent appraisers, they do evaluate about the current market value of the diamond where diamond certification is a assessment of diamond done before its release to the market.

No matter which of these above laboratory certified diamond you are buying, that's right for you. Buying a certified diamond is like the stamp of authentication on you purchase, that makes it more scarce.Whereas buying an regular diamond without checking its certification and purity is like buying something without knowing about its history and facts. Certified diamond gives you piece of mind.