How To Test Rudraksha Is Original

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RUDRAKSHA the holy seed, traditionally used as prayers beads in Hinduism. Any benefit of it have not been proven by science but it is said that wearing a rudraksha provide good support for those who eat and sleep in variety of area or it can be said that, it is helpful to travelers and professionals. It is also said that wearing a mala of rudraksha,it acts as a shield against negative energies. Facts are facts, there is something very deep inside the concept of it. But there are many people who are not aware of this rudraksha concept. They just take it as a decorative piece or jewelry.

Rudraksha is one of the very well known seeds. It is easily available in the markets on the shops related to worshiping articles. But as the time is of proxy, what you are getting from the market is pure or not you can't predict. There are artificial rudrakshas are also available in the market, ever originals are less than the artificial. You must have the proper knowledge of it before buying it. There are so many signs that can tell about the originality of the product. Even there are so many different ways by which you can know whether the rudraksha is original or not. Remember one thing, always wear the original one, otherwise possibilities are there that it could harm you too.

There are many ways by which you can test about the originality of the rudraksha :

  1. Water Test : Some rare rudraksha beads are formed by joining 2 or 3 rudraksha beads by glue. Testing in such case case be done by placing that rudraksha in boiling water for 15 to 20 minutes. This will disjoint the artificially joined rudraksha. Similarly, one more test can be done by putting the bead in to the glass of water. It it is a fake one then it will surely float on the water surface.

  1. Cutting Test : This test is the most reliable test in all. In this test cut the bead, if you found the same number of compartments as the number of lines then it will be a pure one. But the disadvantage is that the checked bead will be damaged.

  1. Property Test : In this test, we need to find out about that if the bead exhibits any of the property like inductance, capacitance or conductance of electric current. It is a laboratory based test. 

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Dear Mr. Avijit Thanks for contacting us. any rudraksha bead can float or sink in water depending on the quality of the bead. floating or sinking in water do not prove the origin as natural. You can visit our laboratory any time Monday to Saturday 10:30am to 7:30 pm to get your rudraksha verified. Thanks Regards GJSPC laboratory.
I have a one mukhi rudraksh with your certificate but it floats in water. Please contact me at 9899912763.